This contract between you and an insurance company invests money with a fixed or variable return rate. Income isn’t taxed until withdrawn from the contract, making annuities good for retirement savings.

Fixed Annuity Products

A fixed annuity provides a guaranteed interest rate* for a fixed period of time.
Here’s how it works: You give a check to an insurance company and they invest it.
If their investments do poorly, they will still pay you the interest rate they promised. The interest rate you are paid will be periodically adjusted up or down, but it will never go below the guaranteed rate.

Indexed Annuity Products

An indexed annuity earns interest on the potential upward movement of an equity index. Indexed annuities also feature a minimum interest rate. This rate serves as a “safety valve” by providing growth even when the market performs poorly. Indexed annuities are a popular option for people who want some of the growth potential of a variable annuity, but with less risk. Earnings are linked, in part, to a specific stock index such as the Standard & Poor’s 500TM Composite Stock Index.
Main Street Insurance Group offers a range of indexed annuity products and features*:

Saver’s Index Annuity Series

Issue ages ranging from age 0-85
Policies start for as little as $2,000
Single and flexible premiums available
Distributions not required until age 85 or 95, depending on your age when you purchase the annuity
Credited interest based on the changes in the S&P 500 Index
Nursing home and confinement waivers available

Variable Annuity Products

A variable annuity combines the standard features of most annuities with investment choices. As with most annuities, it offers tax deferred growth on your earnings* and a death benefit for your beneficiaries. Plus when you purchase a variable annuity, you can choose how you want your money invested from a wide range of investment options called subaccounts. Subaccounts invest in underlying portfolios that are invested in common stocks, bonds, money markets or a combination of these. The value of your annuity will increase or decrease depending on your contributions and the performance of your investment choices.

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