Insurance for Business Owners

Benefit Solutions to Attract and Retain Key Employees

When you need innovative solutions to help you meet the challenges of compensating key employees, MainStreet® Insurance Group has the resources and expertise to assist you. From plan implementation and administration—to benefit funding, and security and trust services—we can design a personalized benefits program that meets both the needs of your employees and your business.

Executive Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans Attracting and retaining key executives and managing corporate liabilities cost-effectively are fundamental to the success of any enterprise. To learn more about how MainStreet® Insurance Group can help with compensation and benefits plans, please contact an agent using the number listed below.

One of the most difficult dilemmas successful business owners face is transferring assets to children and succeeding generations while addressing the ongoing needs of their business. We offer integrated solutions targeted to the unique needs of business owners, including:

  • Business continuation planning
  • Buy-sell funding
  • Estate planning and wealth conservation
  • Qualified plan maximization
  • Disability insurance programs
  • Long-term care protection

For more information or to start your policy today, contact our sales representatives at 1-866-351-MSIG(6744)