Long Term Care

These policies offer additional protection for unexpected events and, in some cases, extended health care coverage for nursing home, home care or other residential facility care.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance pays benefits when you are diagnosed with cancer*. These benefits are paid in addition to benefits you may receive from other health insurance coverage and can be used to pay physician, hospital, prescription drug and other expenses associated with cancer treatment. You may also be able to use benefits to cover indirect costs of cancer including transportation, childcare and living expenses. Cancer insurance is renewable for life and is available to individuals and families.

MainStreet® Insurance Group offers Cancer Insurance with features that include**:

  • Multiple benefit levels
  • Lump-sum payment with first occurrence of cancer
  • Inpatient and outpatient benefits

Renewable for life***Optional coverage for intensive care unit (ICU) confinement and return of premium payments after policy’s 25th anniversary in most states****

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides income when you are unable to work (totally disabled) due to illness or injury*. Depending on the coverage you choose, you may receive benefits up to 60% of your regular income for periods of 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. Unlike some types of disability insurance, you can take this coverage with you when you leave your current job, assuming you continue to pay insurance premiums.

MainStreet® Insurance Group offers Disability Insurance with features that include**:

  • Issue ages from 18 to 69 years
  • A monthly benefit amount you choose

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance pays benefits when you become injured as the result of an accident*. Benefits may be used to pay doctor, hospital and ambulance bills and cover living expenses while you recover from your accident. Unlike some accident or disability insurance offered through employers, this kind of coverage protects you even if you are injured outside of work.

MainStreet® Insurance Group offers Accident Insurance with features that include**:

  • Individual and family coverage
  • Lump-sum benefits paid to you or surviving family members
  • Hospital and ambulance benefits
  • Benefits for dislocations, fractures, loss of limbs and death
  • Coverage for an unlimited number of accidents
  • Benefits for disability as a result of an injury
  • Optional sickness disability and sickness hospital confinement benefits

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